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Fruities are more than just Australia's only preservative free kids cordials

In every bottle, you'll find ...

natural ingredients delicious flavours everyone will love 50% real juice great value nothing artificial less sugar than most regular cordials makes 12 litres per bottle


What’s the deal with preservatives and why are they so bad?

Well, they’re artificial chemicals!

They have been proven to cause a range of issues for growing bodies, including asthma, and they’re found in many fruit juices and cordials.

But you won’t find any preservatives or artificial additives in Fruities Cordial! No way! Made with 50% real fruit juice, Fruities has no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

On top of having no nasties, Fruities also has a big, delicious thirst quenching fruit taste and offers better value with 12 litres made with every bottle! Made and owned right here in Australia, Fruities is the perfect solution for the whole family. Just pick your favourite fruity flavour, mix to taste with water and discover the preservative-free difference!

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Fruities FAQ

What makes Fruities different to other kids cordials that claim to contain ‘no hidden nasties’?

Fruities is the only kids cordial that contains no preservatives and absolutely nothing artificial. You may have noticed that some other cordial brands claim to contain ‘nothing artificial’ or ‘no hidden nasties’ or imply that they are ‘natural’, but if you take a closer look at their ingredient listing you will notice the presence of either preservatives or artificial sweeteners (or both!). Fruities is proud to be truly free of preservatives and artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners so that you can enjoy drinking cordial without the worry!

Why do I have to keep my Fruities in the fridge?

Because it’s preservative-free! If it contained preservatives, then it could be kept in the pantry like all the other cordials!

Do I need to keep my Fruities in the fridge before I have opened it?

No, Fruities can be stored in the pantry at room temperature before opening. It only needs to be stored in the fridge once opened. That’s how you know it’s totally preservative free!

How long will it last unopened?

12 months.

How long will it last once opened?

If stored correctly in the fridge after opening, Fruities will last approximately 4 weeks once opened.

What does ‘double concentrate’ mean?

Fruities is a double concentrate cordial, which means a little bit goes a very long way! It’s twice the strength of normal cordial, so you only need to use half the amount each serve. One bottle of Fruities makes even more cordial than a 2L single strength cordial, and it comes with the added benefits of being lighter to carry and pour, and takes up less room in the shopping bag and fridge!

How much cordial does one bottle of Fruities make?

A 1L Fruities makes between 10L and 15L of ready-to-drink cordial. That’s super value!

How much sugar does Fruities contain?

Fruities contains only 4g sugar per 100mL (when mixed with water as per the instructions on the back of pack). That’s about 40% less sugar than some other kids cordials available! So Fruities is low in sugar, has no artificial sweeteners and still tastes delicious!

What is Stevia Extract?

Stevia is the natural alternative to artificial sweetener. It is a natural plant extract which has zero calories, zero carbohydrates and is approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Why does Fruities contain Stevia Extract?

Fruities contains the natural sweetener Stevia, enabling a significant reduction in sugar content whilst still maintaining that refreshingly sweet and full flavoured taste that Aussie kids love.

Where can I buy Fruities?

All four Fruities are now available at selected Woolworths supermarkets nationally around Australia and some independent supermarkets. If you cannot find your favourite flavour in a store near you, we encourage you to ask the store manager to order it in for you or contact us directly! You can also now buy Fruities online – see the ‘Buy Now’ link below.

Is Fruities an Australian product?

Fruities is proud to be 100% Australian owned and made. It is produced in Adelaide by Bickford’s Australia, a privately and family owned business since 1874.

Which preservatives should I avoid giving to my children?

The following is a list of preservatives that should be avoided. Sorbates and benzoates have been associated with the full range of food intolerance reactions, and sulphites are known to have adverse effects on asthmatics (not to be confused with sulphates).

Preservatives – sorbates

200 Sorbic acid AVOID

201 Sodium sorbate AVOID

202 Potassium sorbate AVOID

203 Calcium sorbate AVOID

Preservatives – benzoates

210 Benzoic acid AVOID

211 Sodium benzoate AVOID

212 Potassium benzoate AVOID

213 Calcium benzoate AVOID

Preservatives – sulphites (aka sulfites)

220 Sulphur dioxide AVOID

221 Sodium sulphite (sulfite) AVOID

222 Sodium bisulphite (bisulfite) AVOID

223 Sodium metabisulphite (metabisulfite) AVOID

224 Potassium metabisulphite (metabisulfite) AVOID

225 Potassium sulphite (sulfite) AVOID

228 Potassium bisulphite (bisulfite) AVOID

Reactions to food additives are related to dose, so the more you eat, the more likely you are to be affected. A British survey in 2007 found that "most consumers underestimate how many additives they eat, the average consumer eats 20 additives per day (19 if foods are home-cooked) most consumers don’t know which foods contain additives"


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